Play More. Earn More.

Participate in more matches
Join more Cash Contests
Win rewards & Cash Bonuses

The Dream11 Champions Program
is our way of rewarding you for playing on Dream11.

Earn bigger rewards and Cash Bonuses as you rise through the levels!

Here’s how you can Level Up

Level 1


Level 2

Create your team

Level 3

Join your first contest

To progress from Level 3 onwards,
you will have to complete BOTH:

  • The minimum number of cash contest joins

  • The minimum total contest entry

You will earn a Cash Bonus at every 10th level.

Your Loyalty
Level Profile Page

From the side menu, on the top left, click on your profile name. Here, you will see:
  • Your current level
  • Your career stats
  • The minimum requirements needed to reach the next level
  • Your playing history
  • The rewards and Cash Bonuses available

For Example:

  • To progress from Level 19 to 20, you will need to spend at least ₹300 AND join at least 27 Cash Contests.
  • On progressing to Level 20, you will receive a Cash Bonus of ₹15.


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Champion Rewards:
  • What are the Champion Rewards?

    The Dream11 Champion Rewards are our way of rewarding you for playing on Dream11. The more Cash Contests you join and matches you play, the higher your level, and the bigger your rewards!

  • How many types of rewards are there?
  • Do the rewards expire?
  • Can I buy rewards?
  • Can I transfer my earned rewards to my friend?
  • Can I exchange one reward for another?
  • Do the rewards increase as I Level Up?
Level Up:
Additional Benefits: