Introducing Backups

Your Plan B when your selected players are not playing

Add up to 4 Backups to replace unannounced and substitute players

Info Backups will be available for select Cricket matches. Look out for this message.


How to add Backups to your team?

Once you've created your team, add Backups from the My Teams screen

How to add Backups to your team?

Things to remember

  • Add up to 4 Backups to your team and assign a priority order.
  • Fantasy points for only 11 players (who feature in your final team) will be added for every match
  • Backups can only replace unannounced and substitute players
  • Backups can only replace players if team creation rules are followed
  • All replacements happen at match deadline (as per lineup details provided by 3rd party partners)

Note: Backups are NOT the same as the Impact Players.

Want to know more? 👇🏼 Here's the Backups Rulebook.

Rulebook Backups  Rulebook

Backup players help replace unannounced and substitute players in your team. This happens according to the priority order you set, i.e. B1 (first) > B2 > B3 > B4 (last).

Which players in your team can be replaced?

Only unannounced and substitute players are eligible for replacement

In which order will the players be replaced?

  • If multiple players are eligible for replacement, Backups will replace them in the following order:
    1. Unannounced Captain
    2. Unannounced Vice Captain
    3. Other unannounced players*
    4. Substitute Captain
    5. Substitute Vice Captain
    6. Other substitute players*

    * Players in your team with highest credit will be replaced first

    * For more than one player in your team with the same credits, the player that comes first in the alphabetical order is replaced first.

  • Backups who replace the C or VC, would become the new C or VC

Which Backups replace players in your team?

  • Only announced and substitute Backups can replace players in your team
  • Announced Backups will be given higher priority than Substitute Backups
  • Amongst the Announced and Substitute Backups, replacements will happen as per the priority chosen by you
  • Replacement takes place sequentially based on the ‘Final Replacement Order’ as per team creation rules [example below]
Backup Priority Player Name Lineup Status Final Replacement Order
B1 Virat Kohli Announced 1
B2 Rohit Sharma Substitute 3
B3 Ravindra Jadeja Unannounced NA
B4 KL Rahul Announced 2

Final Replacement Order: Virat Kohli > KL Rahul > Rohit Sharma

What is a valid Backup replacement?

Team Player Backup Replacement
Unannounced Announced Tick
Unannounced Substitute Tick
Substitute Announced Tick
Substitute Substitute Cross
Unannounced Unannounced Cross
Announced Announced Cross

When do the replacements happen?

At the match deadline

Any other important points to consider while choosing your Backups?

  • All Backup replacements follow the Team Creation Rules. There are no credit / player type / same team constraints while adding Backups, but Backup replacements would only happen if team creation rules are followed.
  • An unannounced or substitute player may be replaced with a Backup of a different Player Type. For example, an all-rounder could replace a batter only if the team creation rules are followed
  • Adding Backups to a team is recommended but completely optional
  • If Backups replacement ever result in duplicate teams(applicable only if you created multiple teams), the Backup replacements for that team will be cancelled. That team, in this case, will remain unchanged after the match deadline.

    Example: You created two teams T1 and T2. We will check T1 for valid replacements at match deadline. If this results in T1 becoming a T2 duplicate, no Backup replacements will happen for T1.

  • If lineups are not available on Dream11 at the match deadline, no Backup replacements will take place for that match
  • Backup replacements will happen for a match only if a minimum of 7 players from each squad are announced
  • Players marked as unannounced/substitutes at the match deadline on Dream11 will only be eligible for Backups replacement
  • Backups are done based on the lineups ONLY at match deadline on Dream11. Any change in information about a players’ lineup status after the match deadline will not be incorporated in your team replacement
  • Dream11 collects live data pertaining to any match from third party providers. Dream11 will not be liable for any wrong information we get.
  • Using Backups does not guarantee any kind of winnings. The replacement will happen based on the rules for replacement at the match deadline at Dream11
  • Backups will not be a part when you are sharing teams. Only the 11 players on the team would be shared. If the team is shared after the match deadline, but before the player replacement has happened, the shared team will only have 11 players without the backups replacements.

Can you explain Backups with the help of an example?

Sure, let's go through this together!

Team Preview
Team Preview

Unannounced Players in the team: S Samson, S Smith (VC)

Substitute Players in the team: R Sharma, D Warner (C), Y Chahal

Announced Backups: KL Rahul, A Finch, I Kishan

Substitute Backups: R Jadeja

Players to be replaced Eligible Replacement Status Reason
S Smith (VC)
(Unannounced VC)
KL Rahul Tick
S Samson
(Only Unannounced player remaining)
A Finch Cross At least 1 WKT is needed as per Team creation rules
S Samson I Kishan Tick
D Warner (C)
(Substitute C)
A Finch Tick
R Sharma
(Substitute with higher credits than Y Chahal)
R Jadeja Cross Substitute players cannot be replaced by Substitute Backups
Y Chahal
(Substitute with lowest credits)
R Jadeja Cross Substitute players cannot be replaced by Substitute Backups
Team Preview

New C: A Finch [As D Warner (C) was replaced by A Finch]

New VC: KL Rahul [As S Smith (VC) was replaced by KL Rahul]