Chennai Super Kings vs Delhi Capitals - Where champion meets challenger

The IPL has for long brought together teams and has set the stage for epic battles. The Chennai Super Kings vs Delhi Capitals (formerly known as Delhi daredevils) match is one such clash between two extremes. On paper, the winner is clear but things can change quickly on the pitch and as we know it, the Indian Premier League is full of surprises. The Delhi Capitals squad comes into the 2019 season with a refreshed branding and a great selection of new players.

The Chennai Super Kings have retained their core members but also brought in a few new faces. The 2019 Chennai Super Kings vs Delhi Capitals match will be a duel between a seasoned champion and a hungry challenger. We take a closer look at the two teams to see what we could expect from the DC vs CSK battle.

Statistics and facts - Chennai Super Kings vs Delhi Capitals

It’s an uphill battle for any team that goes up against the Chennai Super Kings but the new DC squad looks strong enough to take on this challenge in upcoming Chennai Super Kings vs Delhi Capitals matches.

Will the CSK squad fly straight to the finals for yet another season or will they face roadblocks along the way? The new Delhi Capitals team most certainly has a few tricks in the bag and will fight for every run in the Chennai Super Kings vs Delhi capitals game.

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