India Vs Pakistan - A Match Like No Other

India vs Pakistan matches are witness to one of the biggest sporting rivalries in cricket history. For people in both the countries, these matches are just as important as World Cup finals. Apart from Pakistan and India, there is immense interest in these matches abroad too. Due to which, matches between the two nations have also been played in numerous countries. United Arab Emirates and Canada have particularly been the venue of many bilateral and multilateral ODI series between the two teams.

Earlier, people went to the stadium. Now, we go online to catch the India vs Pakistan live match. With time, the India vs Pakistan experience has evolved. But the passion remains the same. If you share that passion too, keep an eye on this informative page on India vs Pakistan matches. Whether you are looking for past stats or upcoming match updates, the information is all here on Dream11.

India vs Pakistan - Facts From The Past

India and Pakistan share a common cricketing heritage that goes back to undivided British India. Post the formation of Pakistan, there were many players who had played alongside their rivals as teammates before. To know more fascinating facts about the India Vs Pakistan rivalry, read on.

Playing India Vs Pakistan Match On Dream11

With the facts you read above, you now have a better idea of the India vs Pakistan cricket rivalry. The matches featuring both these teams have some of the most exciting moments in cricket. With Dream11, be a part of that excitement with many interesting details and facts about upcoming matches between India and Pakistan. Currently, these teams shall be participating in the upcoming Asia Cup Series. So, here are some of the things you can expect on the India vs Pakistan page on Dream11.

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