How to Play

What is Handball?  

One of the fastest sports in the world, handball is a 60-minute, 7-a-side, sport where each team has to score goals to win. Imagine football, but played with hands instead!

What are the differences between handball and football?  

While the concept of handball and football is similar (score more goals to win), there are some key differences between the two sports.

  • Outfield players can touch the ball with any part of their body above the knee. If the ball touches the foot of any player (other than the goalkeeper), possession is awarded to the opposition

  • If a player has possession, they can dribble or take three steps for up to three seconds without dribbling.

  • If a player stands still without passing the ball for more than 3 seconds, possession is awarded to the opposition

  • Only the goalkeeper is allowed to come into contact with the floor of the goal area.

  • Goalkeepers are allowed out of the goal area but must not retain possession if they are outside the goal area.

  • Other than a yellow card and red card, a player can also be suspended in handball and has to sit out of the game for 2 minutes.

  • There are unlimited rotating substitutes in handball, but only 7 players per team can be on the field at any given point

How many players can I pick?  

You have to pick 7 players to create your team on Dream11 (including a Captain & Vice-Captain)

You must have:

  • 1 Goalkeeper

  • 2 to 4 defenders

  • 2 to 4 forwards

You can pick a maximum of 5 players from a single team

How do I score points?  

Here’s how your team earns points




Save (GK only)
Penalty Saved (GK only)

Cards and other penalties

Yellow Card
Red Card/Blue Card
Penalty Miss
  • The player you choose to be your team’s Captain will receive 2 times the points for his/her performance

  • The player you choose to be your team’s Vice-captain will receive 1.5 times the points for his/her performance

  • If a player misses a penalty and scores on the rebound, he will get points for the goal but will also get -2 points for the miss.

  • If a player misses a penalty but the goalkeeper hasn’t touched the ball, the GK will NOT get any points for saving the penalty, while the player will get -2 points for the miss.

  • Data is provided by reliable sources and once the points have been marked as completed i.e. winners have been declared, no further adjustments will be made. Points awarded live in-game are subject to change as long as the status is 'In progress' or 'Waiting for review'.

  • Any event during extra time/over time will be considered for awarding points, any events during penalty shootout will not be considered for awarding points

  • A player who has not participated in the game as part of the starting 7 or as a substitute will not be awarded negative points for receiving any card for off-field activities

  • If a team’s coach gets an ejection, a player from that team is given a 2 minute suspension. In this case, the ejected player will not get any negative points.

  • In case a player is transferred/reassigned to a different team between two scheduled updates, for any reason whatsoever, such transfer/reassignment (by whatever name called) shall not be reflected in the roster of players until the next scheduled update. It is clarified that during the intervening period of two scheduled updates, while such player will be available for selection in the team to which the player originally belong, no points will be attributable to such player during the course of such contest.

  • If a player is shown a red card and subsequently also shown a blue card, no additional points will be deducted.

  • Assists will not be awarded any points

  • If a player gets 2 ejections, he will get a total of -4 points (-2 points for each ejection)

  • A player gets a red card after 3 ejections. In this case, he will get a total of -7 points (-3 points for the red card and -4 points for 2 ejections)