Rohit Sharma - Destined for greatness

Ever since his ODI debut back in 2007, the young man quickly rose up the ranks and establish himself as an integral part of the Indian national cricket team. Rohit Sharma is popularly known for his dependable batting skills and is also the face of the Mumbai Indians IPL team. With more than a decade of international cricket experience, Rohit Sharma’s records are a long list and we see no signs of him stopping any time soon. Brimming with talent and an insane track record he will always be known for his match against Sri Lanka in 2014. Rohit Sharma’s double century made big news in the world of sport as his final score of 264 not only cemented the victory for India but also earned him a place in the record books.

Rohit Sharma Personal Details:

Name Rohit Sharma
Date of Birth 30 April 1987
Birthplace Nagpur
Height 5 ft 8 Inches
Playing Role Right Handed Batsman
Spouse Ritika Sajdeh
ICC Rankings-
Test 13
T20 8

Rohit Sharma - Records, key statistics and achievements:

As one of the best batsmans of the current generation, runs come quickly and in abundance for Rohit Sharma. Every time he steps on the pitch is a potential opportunity for a new record. From the many remarkable stats, we take a look at the best scores of this unfailing athlete.

Rohit Sharma Career Stats

Format Matches Ininings Runs Highest score Average Strike Rate 100 200 50 4s 6s
Test 32 53 2141 212 46.54 59.26 6 1 10 216 52
ODI 222 215 8954 264 48.93 88.85 28 3 43 803 238
T20I 104 96 2633 118 32.11 138.22 4 0 19 234 120
IPL 188 183 4898 109 31.6 130.82 1 0 36 431 194

International Career:

From his list of centuries to his highest scores, get a glimpse into some of Rohit’s best performances in international cricket.

League cricket:

Just like his international career, Rohit has been a heavy hitter in IPL too. So, let us look at some of his biggest highlights in the Indian Premier League.

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