How to Play

Creating your team  
Every Kabaddi team you create on Dream11 has to have 7 players, of which a maximum of 5 players can be from any one team playing the real-life match.
Player Combinations
Your Dream11 can have different combinations of players, but has to be within the 100 credit cap and must qualify the following team selection criteria:
Player Type Min Max
Raider 1 3
All-Rounder 1 2
Defender 2 4

Captain and Vice-Captain Points

Once you have selected your 7 players, you will have to assign a captain and vice-captain for your team.
The captain will give you 2x points scored by them in the actual match.
The vice-captain will give you 1.5x points scored by them in the actual match.
The Captained By (% C By) and Vice-Captained By (% VC By) stats help you understand how other players have chosen their teams.
Choose a popular pick as captain, or find a differential to score big against your competition.
For a detailed point system, check below:
Fantasy Points System  
Raiding Points  
Successful Raid Touch Point
Raid Bonus
Super Raid
Super 10 Only for raid touch points
Unsuccessful Raid
Defending Points  
Successful Tackle
Super Tackle
High 5
Unsuccessful Tackle
Other Points  
In the Starting 7
Substitute Appearance
Cards and Team Points  
Getting Opposition All Out (Each player of the Starting 7)
Own Team All Out (Each player of the Starting 7)
Green Card
Yellow Card
Red Card
Other Important Points  
  • If a player is announced in the starting seven of a team but later is unable to start the match, he/she will not score any points. The player who plays as the replacement, however, will earn points for the match (including starting points)
  • Points for a substitute appearance will only be given the first time a player enters the field of play.
  • Points for Super Tackle will be added to the points of a successful tackle (20 pts for successful tackle + 8 pts for super tackle)
  • Points for a raid touch will be given to the raider for every opponent he gets out or puts out.
  • Each player will get Super 10 points only once during a match.
  • Super 10 points will only be given once the raider gets 10 touch points in a match.
  • Points for getting the opposition team all out will only be given to players who are part of the starting 7.
  • Negative points for getting all out will only be given to players who are part of the starting 7.
  • If a player receives any card, he will continue to get negative (for 'Own Team All Out') and positive (for 'Getting Opposition All Out') points.
  • Points deducted for Red Cards include deductions for a Yellow Card and Green Card. Similarly, points deducted for Yellow Cards include deductions for Green Cards.
  • If a Green/Yellow/Red card is given to someone in the team/support staff, it will not have any impact on the players' individual points.
  • Any event during extra time will not be considered for awarding points.
  • Any event during Golden Raids will not be considered for awarding points.
  • A player who has been transferred from one team to the other might still be available for selection for his older team until the next scheduled team update on Dream11. However, no points will be attributed to the player in such a situation.
  • A player who has not participated in the game as part of the starting 7 or as a substitute will not be awarded negative points for receiving yellow/red/green cards for off-field activities.
  • Once a match has been marked as completed and winners have been declared, no further adjustments will be made to the points awarded. Points awarded for a LIVE game will be subject to change only when the match status is “In Progress” or “In Review”.