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Dream11 Rating What is FairPlay?

Playing fair is about having a level playing field for everyone on Dream11. These guidelines are to help you understand all the efforts we make to keep the Dream11 fantasy sports format fair to all.

Dream11 Rating How does it work?

For us, fairness has specific core areas, which include transparency of format & system and trust among all participants.


Dream11 IPL
Equal opportunity for all
  • Everyone gets a maximum of 100 credits to create a team
  • Everyone adheres to the limit of players allowed from each category
  • Everyone has access to statistical info like SELECTED BY to better their evaluation
Fixed player credits
  • Everyone gets the same credits required to add a player to their team
Universal deadlines
  • Everyone submits their teams before the match deadline.
Competition tracker
  • Everyone has access to each other’s teams competing on the leaderboard after the match starts. It can be downloaded easily and kept in .pdf format for record-keeping purposes.
Unbiased winner declaration
  • Fantasy Point System is clearly illustrated in the How to Play section here
  • The winnings are declared against the leaderboard ranks before the match starts
  • All winnings are promptly processed and credited to the accounts
  • Match scores are from reliable feeds run by reputable service providers
Cashless online transactions
  • Dream11 follows a ZERO CASH prizes rule to avoid any offline issues
Dream11 IPL
Dream11 IPL


Dream11 IPL
Genuine verified accounts
  • Dream11 winnings can be withdrawn or transferred only to verified accounts. These are accounts that furnish their valid government recognised ID Proof. E.g. PAN Card & bank account details.
100% safe & secure payments
  • Dream11 doesn’t store any credit/debit card details
  • Dream11 uses 3-D secure authentication to ensure the safety and security of all transactions
Employee restrictions
  • Dream11 employees are not allowed to play public paid contests
  • Dream11 is a skill-based platform and is legal according to Indian laws. Visit the Legality section here to know more.
Help and support
  • Easy accessibility helps build trust and makes everyone feel more secure in the relationship. We’re available and always here in case you need to contact us.
Data security
  • All personal information is encrypted and used only for legal verification purposes. Dream11 doesn’t disclose any of it to outside parties or vendors
Disclaimer: This is for informational purposes only. For detailed info, please look at T&C.

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