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Fantasy Football

Dream11 Fantasy Football is ideal for both beginners and fantasy pro players, where players can showcase their skills in real-world matches. It features major football leagues such as UEFA, FPL, La Liga, UCL, Bundesliga, etc.

One key driver of fantasy sports in India is football, as fans are crazy about it. Let us dive right in and understand the following aspects of Fantasy Football:

What is fantasy football?

Fantasy football is an online gaming tournament where you create a virtual team of 11 players and get to compete with teams of other fantasy players. As a player, you must choose the top 11 players in your team who can win maximum points with their performance as midfielders, goalkeepers, defenders, and strikers.

You can then select the captain and vice-captain of your team. It is vital to make the best players as captain and vice-captain; their performance will impact the overall score, as the captain fetches double the fantasy points and the vice-captain 1.5 times his/her fantasy points. At the end of the match, the user with the highest points is declared as the winner.

Fantasy football is a game of skill where practice is the key to winning. Additionally, conducting thorough research and analysis is advisable before you finalise your virtual team. History of fantasy football in India

First introduced in 2008, Dream11 is India's first ever company that came up with the concept of "fantasy sports." in India. As time passed, the platform grew from a million in 2014 to 45 million in 2018 and, finally, 130 million at present. Since then, the industry has grown immensely!

Fantasy football industry: An overview

In India, fantasy football is not as famous as fantasy cricket; however, its popularity has been increasing gradually because of the immense fandom of several international football leagues in India. Some of the most popular football leagues are the English Premier League, followed by the Spanish, Italian and German leagues.

After the introduction of Manchester United and Arsenal to the English Premier League, many sports enthusiasts in India have started following the fantasy league with great enthusiasm and excitement. Fantasy football is still free for all users!

Also, you get the opportunity to win real cash. Playing fantasy cricket and fantasy football is legal all over India, except in Assam, Andhra Pradesh, Odisha, Sikkim, Nagaland and Telangana.

Fantasy football leagues and upcoming tournaments

Here is the list of upcoming tournaments and leagues in fantasy football:

Fantasy football rules

Here are some of the basic rules to follow when playing fantasy football:

Creating your team

Each football team made on Dream11 features 11 players. Out of the 11 players, a maximum of 7 players can be from any one team.

Players combination

Several combinations are possible in the Dream11 fantasy football teams, as long as they are within the 100 credit cap and qualify the selection criteria.

Player Type Minimum Players Maximum Players
Defender 3 5
Goalkeeper 1 1
Forward 1 3
Midfielder 3 5

Once you select the 11 players, it's time to choose the captain and vice-captain. The captain gives you 2x points and the vice-captain gives you 1.5x points.. Hence, choosing the most experienced player as the captain and vice-captain is important, as their selection can change the final result.

Fantasy Point System


Goal Score
Scored by a striker +40
Scored by a mid-fielder +50
Scored by a goalkeeper or defender +60
Assist +20
Chance Created +3
Shot on Target +6
5 Passes Completed +1


Tackle won +4
Interception Won +4
Saves (GK) +6
Penalty Saved (GK) +50
Clean Sheet (GK/DEF played for +54 minutes) +20

Other points

Captain 2x
Vice-captain 1.5x
In starting 11 +4
Coming as Substitute +2

Cards along with other penalties

Yellow card -4
Red card -10
Own goal -8
Goals conceded (GK/DEF on the field when the goal is scored) -2
Penalty missed -20

Tips and tricks

Here is the list of tips to win fantasy football matches

  1. Before any football tournament or season begins, several club matches are played regularly. Keeping a close eye on these games can help you choose better players

  2. All fantasy sites follow the same pattern regarding bonus points. Pick players who can genuinely help your team gain some extra points

  3. Closely observe every player's past performance

  4. Detailed statistics about all players that’s available on the Dream11 app, can help you analyse easily

  5. One major factor of fantasy football is planning. Keep planning your strategies and be ready to rotate players in case of sudden team change or injury.

  6. Never rely on untrusted sources who might deliver fake information.

How to play fantasy football on the Dream11 app?

If you have just entered the world of fantasy sports, fret not, as we've got your back! Play fantasy football by following these four simple steps -

  1. Download the Dream11 app through tthis link

  2. Register using your phone number

  3. Select the tournament or match you want to participate in

  4. Start creating your team

  5. Participate in contests

Want to play fantasy football for free?

Join practice contests and play just for fun. The best part is you get the opportunity to beat players playing in the football fantasy leagues!

On Dream11, you can participate in several national and international football tournaments to improve your skills. However, you must have a fair understanding of football, the rules and hone your research skills to form the best team and win matches. Dream11 makes match analysis and player statistics easier to help you win against other players.

Fantasy football dos and don'ts


  1. Keep your calm and constant perseverance for long-term results

  2. Build your team backed by solid research and understanding

  3. Do not underestimate the value of a kicker

  4. Pick matches wisely

  5. Set reminders for lineup announcements

  6. Keep match schedules handy


  1. Draft your team too early

  2. Play with all your money in one match

  3. Overlook ground conditions

Why should you play fantasy football?

Football has recently become a prime attraction for all sports lovers in India. This game has managed to enter every household.

If you consider yourself a "sportskeeda," starting your journey with online fantasy football can give you wings you never imagined!

Here is why you should choose Dream11

Fantasy football is all about meticulous planning, and at Dream11, our match analysis will help you plan better.

It gives you a quick understanding of how others have selected these players by giving you an insight into the percentage of the players chosen by people and the percentage of people selecting a player as their captain/vice-captain.

Dream11 is a one-stop destination for exciting rewards such as cash bonuses, promotional passes, Dream11 x PUMA merchandise, DreamSetGo travel passes and experience vouchers.

If you are eager to indulge in fantasy football, Dream11 is the best app in the industry that you can try. It is a known brand which offers incredible user experience in team building and provides adequate assistance to newbies while making teams.

The best part is that Dream11 collaborates with national and international sports leagues, to go beyond your boundaries. All fantasy players enjoy the best offers and promotions with secure transactions.

Fantasy football team names

Your team's name can make a huge difference, as an interesting and powerful name is worth remembering. Keeping a short and simple name will make it easier for your followers to remember.

Here are a few examples that are impactful as team names. These names derive from existing football teams playing nationally or internationally. They are - Stringy Strikers, Undefeatables, Hood, Skilful, Rajput Boys, ImmortalKiller, Barnstormers, Battlers, Bearcats, Bears, Beavers, Aztecs, Ravens, Red Dragons, Red Foxes, Winners, and others.

Have a doubt? Find answers here.

Fantasy football involves selecting real players to create Dream11 teams that earn points based on their performance on the field. If your team scores more points than other peoples’ teams, you win!

Yes! Everyone in the Winning Zone of the contest leaderboard wins real money. For e.g. if you follow La Liga, remember to create your Dream11 team before the match starts. That’s it! Follow line-up announcements and the leaderboard comes to life. Track your team’s performance every minute and if your strategy is right, you’d be Rank 1 taking home BIG winnings in Mega Contests!

Absolutely! Join practice contests and play just for fun. The fun part is you also get to beat others playing football fantasy leagues!

Register on Dream11 app and verify your bank account to enjoy both cash and free fantasy contests.

Dream11 covers all major and minor tournaments, and leagues like Bundesliga, UEFA Champions League, La Liga, UCL, and FPL etc.

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