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ICC Cricket World Cup Matches 2023 Full Schedule

The International Cricket Council (ICC) has made it official - India and Pakistan are all set to go head-to-head in a highly anticipated match during the 2023 men's ODI World Cup. Mark your calendars for October 15 when this exciting clash will take place at the renowned Narendra Modi Stadium in Ahmedabad.
But that's not all! The ICC Men's Cricket World Cup 2023 will kick off with an adrenaline-pumping encounter on 5th October between England and New Zealand, right at the same venue where they had a nail-biting tied final in 2019. And guess what? The 1996 World Cup also began with an epic clash between these two teams in Ahmedabad.
After this high-octane opener, India will continue their campaign with another exciting match against Australia in Chennai on October 19. So gear up, create your Dream11 Cricket world cup fantasy team, and get ready to experience the thrill of the 2023 World Cup!
Here’s the final Cricket World Cup (CWC) match list you need to know.
England vs New Zealand October 5 Ahmedabad 2:00 PM
Pakistan vs Netherlands October 6 Hyderabad 2:00 PM
Bangladesh vs Afghanistan October 7 Dharamsala 10:30 AM
South Africa vs Sri Lanka October 7 Delhi 2:00 PM
India vs Australia October 8 Chennai 2:00 PM
New Zealand vs Netherlands October 9 Hyderabad 2:00 PM
England vs Bangladesh October 10 Dharamsala 2:00 PM
India vs Afghanistan October 11 Delhi 2:00 PM
Pakistan vs Sri Lanka October 12 Hyderabad 2:00 PM
Australia vs South Africa October 13 Lucknow 2:00 PM
England vs Afghanistan October 14 Delhi 2:00 PM
New Zealand vs Bangladesh October 14 Chennai 10:30 AM
India vs Pakistan October 15 Ahmedabad 2:00 PM
Australia vs Sri Lanka October 16 Lucknow 2:00 PM
South Africa vs Netherlands October 17 Dharamsala 2:00 PM
New Zealand vs Afghanistan October 18 Chennai 2:00 PM
India vs Bangladesh October 19 Pune 2:00 PM
Australia vs Pakistan October 20 Bengaluru 2:00 PM
England vs South Africa October 21 Mumbai 2:00 PM
Netherlands vs Sri Lanka October 21 Lucknow 10:30 AM
India vs New Zealand October 22 Dharamsala 2:00 PM
Pakistan vs Afghanistan October 23 Chennai 2:00 PM
South Africa vs Bangladesh October 24 Mumbai 2:00 PM
Australia vs Netherlands October 25 Delhi 2:00 PM
England vs Sri Lanka October 26 Bengaluru 2:00 PM
Pakistan vs South Africa October 27 Chennai 2:00 PM
Netherlands vs Bangladesh October 28 Kolkata 2:00 PM
Australia vs New Zealand October 28 Dharamsala 10:30 AM
India vs England October 29 Lucknow 2:00 PM
Afghanistan vs Sri Lanka October 30 Pune 2:00 PM
Pakistan vs Bangladesh October 31 Kolkata 2:00 PM
New Zealand vs South Africa November 1 Pune 2:00 PM
India vs Sri Lanka November 2 Mumbai 2:00 PM
Netherlands vs Afghanistan November 3 Lucknow 2:00 PM
England vs Australia November 4 Ahmedabad 2:00 PM
New Zealand vs Pakistan November 4 Bengaluru 10:30 AM
India vs South Africa November 5 Kolkata 2:00 PM
Bangladesh vs Sri Lanka November 6 Delhi 2:00 PM
Australia vs Afghanistan November 7 Mumbai 2:00 PM
England vs Netherlands November 8 Pune 2:00 PM
New Zealand vs Sri Lanka November 9 Bengaluru 2:00 PM
South Africa vs Afghanistan November 10 Ahmedabad 2:00 PM
India vs Netherlands November 11 Bengaluru 2:00 PM
England vs Pakistan November 12 Kolkata 2:00 PM
Australia vs Bangladesh November 12 Pune 10:30 AM
Semifinal 1 November 15 Mumbai 2:00 PM
Semifinal 2 November 16 Kolkata 2:00 PM
Final November 19 Ahmedabad 2:00 PM

ODI Cricket World Cup Winners List

Here’s a comprehensive list of Men's ODI Cricket World Cup winners spanning from 1975 to 2022. It includes the victorious teams, the runners-up, the host countries, the total scores, and the final results for each One Day International (ODI) tournament.
Year Host Winner Score Runner-up Score Result

Cricket World Cup Winners List (ODI)

2023 India - - - - -
2019 England and Wales England 241 New Zealand 241–8 Match tied after regular play and super over; England won on boundary count
2015 Australia and New Zealand Australia 186–3 New Zealand 183 Australia won by 7 wickets
2011 India and Bangladesh India 277–4 Sri Lanka 274–6 India won by 6 wickets
2007 West Indies Australia 281–4 Sri Lanka 215–8 Australia won by 53 runs
2003 South Africa Australia 359–2 India 234 Australia won by 125 runs
1999 England Australia 133–2 Pakistan 132 Australia won by 8 wickets
1996 Pakistan and India Sri Lanka 245–3 Australia 241 Sri Lanka won by 7 wickets
1992 Australia and New Zealand Pakistan 249–6 England 227 Pakistan won by 22 runs
1987 India and Pakistan Australia 253–5 England 246–8 Australia won by 7 runs
1983 England India 183 West Indies 140 India won by 43 runs
1979 England West Indies 286–9 England 194 West Indies won by 92 runs
1975 England West Indies 291–8 Australia 274 West Indies won by 17 runs

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ICC Men’s Cricket World Cup Stats-ODI

Get on a journey through the exhilarating and historic moments of the ICC Men's Cricket World Cup statistics. This compilation features exceptional individual displays and team accomplishments, top run-scorers, leading wicket-takers, best batting averages, and more.
Stat Player/Team Figures
Most Runs Scored In a Match Australia vs Bangladesh 714 runs
Highest Score David Warner (Australia) 166 runs
Most Runs Rohit Sharma (India) 648 runs
Most Wickets Mitchell Starc (Australia) 27 wickets
Best Batting Average Shakib Al Hasan (Bangladesh) 86.57
Best Bowling Figures (Innings) Shaheen Afridi (Pakistan) 6/35
Best Bowling Economy Angelo Mathews (Sri Lanka) 3.00
Best Win Percentage India 77.778
Most Wins England (men) 8
Most Losses Afghanistan 9

ICC World Cup Head to Head Records

From classic battles that have stood the test of time to recent showdowns that have enthralled fans worldwide, discover the head-to-head clashes that have shaped the course of cricketing history, showcasing the moments of triumph, heartbreak and the relentless pursuit of glory on the grandest stage of them all.
Team Span Mat Won Lost Draw Tied NR W/L %Won %Loss %
Afghanistan 2015-2019 15 1 14 0 0 0 0.07 6.66 93.33 6.66
Australia 1975-2019 94 69 23 0 1 1 3.00 73.40 24.46 74.73
Bangladesh 1999-2019 40 14 25 0 0 1 0.56 35.00 62.50 35.89
England 1975-2019 83 48 32 0 2 1 1.50 57.83 38.55 59.75
India 1975-2019 84 53 29 0 1 1 1.82 63.09 34.52 64.45
Netherlands 1996-2011 20 2 18 0 0 0 0.11 10.00 90.00 10.00
New Zealand 1975-2019 89 54 33 0 1 1 1.63 60.67 37.07 61.93
Pakistan 1975-2019 79 45 32 0 0 2 1.40 56.96 40.50 58.44
Sri Lanka 1975-2019 80 38 39 0 1 2 0.97 47.50 48.75 49.35


Fantasy Cricket Tips For ICC World Cup Matches

Gear up for the ICC Men's Cricket World Cup Matches with these top fantasy cricket tips to start your winning journey
  1. Do Your Homework: Research is key! Get to know the players, their recent form, and their performance in past World Cups. Stay updated with injury news and team changes to make informed picks.
  2. Pitch and Conditions: Keep an eye on the pitch and weather conditions. Some players perform better on specific surfaces, so choose your team accordingly.
  3. Captain and Vice-Captain Picks: Select your Captain and Vice-Captain wisely, as they earn double and 1.5x points, respectively. Go for in-form players or those with a history of shining in crucial matches.
  4. All-Rounders Are Gold: All-rounders can contribute with both bat and ball, earning you points from all aspects of the game. Look for those who can turn the match in your favor.
  5. Powerplay Specialists: Players who excel during the powerplay can give your fantasy team a solid start. Consider aggressive openers and fast bowlers who can take early wickets.
  6. Impact Players: Identify players known for their match-winning performances. They have the potential to turn the game on its head and can be game-changers for your fantasy team too.
  7. Choose The Right Balance: Don't load your team with too many players from one team or position. A balanced team with players from both sides and varied roles can yield better results.
  8. Fantasy Points System: Understand the fantasy points system of Dream11 for the World Cup Matches. Analyze how players score points and strategize accordingly.
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