Chris Gayle - The Living Legend

Chris Gayle has stormed the world of cricket ever since he set his foot on the field, seemingly setting a new record with every passing year in cricket. He is a man of many records which happens to be his claim to fame in the world of cricket. To know what those records are and about his overall on-field performance, read on.

Chris Gayle Personal Details:

Name Chris Gayle
Date of Birth 21 September 1979
Birthplace Kingston
Height 6ft 2 Inches
Playing Role Left Handed Batsman
Spouse Natassha Berridge
ICC Rankings-
ODI 46
T20 84

Chris Gayle’s International Career:

With his heavy-hitting style, Chris Gayle has earned himself the title of being one of the most destructive batsmen in the history of the game. His comfort with hitting those crucial sixes have turned the fate of many matches in the past. Read on to know more about Chris Gayle’s stats in the international cricket matches.

  1. This Jamaican player got his first break in 2001, two years after his debut in the West Indies team when he hit 175 runs in a Test match against Zimbabwe. Since then, he gave all the best players in cricket a run for their money. With test matches being his strong suit, he has pulled of 7214 runs in just 103 matches. The West Indies team has always banked on Chris to turn the tables around every time the match went sideways.
  2. Apart from his international career, he has been a part of the Indian Premier League since 2008. Since his introduction in IPL, Chris Gayle’s records were off the charts and has made himself as one of the dominant players in the League.
  3. Chris Gayle is the first player to score centuries in all cricket formats, proving that he is as good as it gets. He is also the fastest player to make double centuries in One Day International.

Chris Gayle’s IPL Career:

Chris Gayle debuted in the first season of the Indian Premier League in 2008. Though he started his IPL career with the Kolkata Knight Riders, he was bought by the Kings XI Punjab in the 2018 IPL auction. Since then, he has been the ace batsman for the Kings XI Punjab. Read on to know some of the best Chris Gayle’s IPL records.

  1. Since his introduction in the Indian Premier League, Chris Gayle has been wrecking bowler with his exceptional batting style. He has hit 326 sixes and ranks first in the list of players with the most number of sixes in the Indian Premier League.
  2. Chris Gayle has racked up 6 centuries as of now and ranks first in the list of players with the most number of centuries, perching himself with some of the best players that IPL has to offer.
  3. Gayle made his 6th IPL century in a match against Sunrisers Hyderabad in 2018. He managed to score 104 runs in just 63 balls, proving that he will remain the best batsman in IPL for years to come.

Chris Gayle Career Stats

Format Matches Innings Runs Highest score Average Strike Rate 100 200 50 4s 6s
Test 103 182 7215 333 42.19 60.28 15 3 37 1046 98
ODI 300 294 10480 215 37.7 87.2 25 1 54 1128 331
T20I 58 54 1627 117 32.54 142.84 2 0 13 138 105
IPL 125 124 4484 175 41.14 151.03 6 0 28 369 326

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