North Battles East - Bengal Warriors vs Dabang Delhi

The Bengal Warriors vs Dabang Delhi matchup is an awaited event in the Kabaddi match as well as an interesting clash of fan bases. The north and the east come together to battle for the prestigious PKL title. But this certainly means more than just a trophy, the simple win over the other provides contention for fan bragging rights.

The Bengal Warriors team lead by Surjeet Singh has had a brilliant start to the 2018 title campaign. The 2017 form has carried over to season six and this is adding up to the scores of the team. The team is a well-balanced unit of veteran athletes and talented youngsters. On the other hand, players like Ran Singh, Mahesh Goud, and Jang Kun Lee are expected to be the highlights during Bengal Warriors vs Dabang Delhi matches.

Quick insights about Bengal Warriors vs Dabang Delhi

The Dabang Delhi team has retained its key players and brought in some new talents. Raider Meraj Sheykh was retained for his exceptional raiding capabilities and the signing of Rajesh Narwal strengthens the team’s all-rounder department. The Bengal Warriors vs Dabang Delhi score will be dictated more by raid points as both teams have highly successful raiders and a moderated defence setup.

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