Telugu Titans vs Tamil Thalaivas - An Overview Of The Rivalry

Fans of the Pro Kabaddi League needs no introduction to the intense Telugu Titans vs Tamil Thalaivas. On one hand, Telugu Titans have been consistently showcasing their wonderful performance since the inception of Pro Kabaddi League. With time, they were able to improve their gameplay which puts them in the likes of some of the best teams in PKL. Tamil Thalaivas, on the other hand, joined PKL in Season 5 and has proved that they are here to stay. Their performance in season 5 was really commendable and has left the fans asking for more. If you want more insights involving Tamil Thalaivas vs Telugu Titans matches, keep reading.

Telugu Titans vs Tamil Thalaivas - What you need to know

Both the teams are ready to go against each other in the upcoming Telugu Titans vs Tamil Thalaivas match, and fans of PKL can expect some redemption. In season six itself, the Tamil and Telugu teams have faced off against each other once. In this match, the Telugu Titans defeated the Tamil Thalaivas by 33 - 28. Since then, Tamil Thalaivas have been waiting eagerly for a chance to get in the same ground with Telugu Titans. Here are some more insights about both the teams:

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