The Dabang Delhi vs Patna Pirates match - A display of grit

The Dabang Delhi vs Patna Pirates match is one that many will be looking forward to watch. The Dabang Delhi team have never had a good finish in the PKL, despite being one of the teams that started off with the inception of the PKL. Their opponents on the other hand, are a total contrast; the Patna Pirates are the most successful team in the PKL and have three consecutive championships to assert their dominance coming into every game.

Dabang Delhi vs Patna Pirates - Facts you need to know

On previous occasions, the Dabang Delhi vs Patna Pirates score has been rather close and not always have the Pirates won by a dominant margin. This brings hope to the Dabang Delhi team and a little extra effort could make a world of difference to the team. Both teams come into season six with a strong lineup of players, some expected names and a few new talents this year. So, let's decode the squads to see what's in store with the Dabang Delhi vs Patna Pirates match.

The PKL has grown to be one of the most beloved sports of India and its matchups like these that bring in that excitement, to see an underdog take on a giant is something everyone looks forward to. Before the Dabang Delhi vs Patna Pirates result is decided on the mats, you can take up the challenge to test your sports strategy skills and be rewarded for the same.

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