Telugu Titans vs Dabang Delhi Schedule 2019

Date Day Match Venue Time Results
24-Jul-2019 Wednesday Telugu Titans vs Dabang Delhi K.C. GACHIBOWLI INDOOR STADIUM, HYDERABAD 19:30 (IST) Dabang Delhi won by 1 points
16-Sep-2019 Monday Telugu Titans vs Dabang Delhi K.C. SHREE SHIV CHHATRAPATI SPORTS COMPLEX, PUNE 20:30 (IST) To be decided

Telugu Titans vs Dabang Delhi PKL 6 Stats

Total Matches 1
Telugu Titans won 0
Dabang Delhi K.C. won 1
Draw 0

Telugu Titans vs Dabang Delhi - A fight to the top

Season seven once again brings together two of the founding teams of the PKL, the Telugu Titans and Dabang Delhi. Both teams have shared similar fortunes in the PKL, although not entirely the same because the Telugu Titans have come close to the finals in previous seasons. This battle between the Telugu Titans vs Dabang Delhi will be one where both teams will be striving to shake off the tag of a losing team and to be seen as a championship contender.

The Telugu Titans are a squad of fierce raiders and decent defence set up. They will be looking to earn most of their points with a total offensive strategy to weaken the Dabang Delhi defence. The Telugu Titans vs Dabang Delhi result will make a big difference for the teams on the group stage levels as both are looking to reach the top of the table.

Telugu Titans vs Dabang Delhi - Facts you need to know

So, let's dive into the details to check out the key players from both teams and the ones who will make an impact on the Telugu Titans vs Dabang Delhi score in future.

The Delhi squad have put in some decent performances in season seven but with teams like U Mumba and Puneri Paltan, this Dabang Delhi vs Telugu Titans match could be their last shot at making a good impression in season seven. The Titans are coming in strong this year and their performances have been consistent to help them break into the top of the group table, this Telugu Titans vs Dabang Delhi match will give the Titans an opportunity to score some big points and a fine platform to test some tactics.

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Last Updated: 18th August, 2019

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