Telugu Titans Vs Bengal Warriors - A Fight For The Finish

The latest in the Telugu Titans vs Bengal Warriors news sees the two teams slowly moving up the ranks of the PKL, but in the shadows of the big teams. Telugu Titans and Bengal Warriors have both spent a majority of their PKL lifetime as mid runner teams. While the Telugu Titans have finished closer to the top three, the Bengal Warriors know what it’s like to be at the bottom end of the list. But season five saw the tables turn for both teams. The Telugu Titans were seen off at the group stage while the Bengal Warriors finished at a best-ever third place. Hence, the Telugu Titans vs Bengal warriors match is sure to be a clash of even proportions with both teams looking to break into the final rounds of the championship.

Facts you need to know - Telugu Titans vs Bengal Warriors

In the past, the once impressive Telugu Titans have failed to show the aforementioned brilliance while the Bengal Warriors have seemed to get things working in their favour by putting up stellar performances against some of the best teams in the PKL. But the 2018 auction saw both teams make interesting picks and the new lineup of players will make a huge difference to the team’s performance this year. So, let’s have a closer look at both the teams to know what you should expect from a Telugu Titans vs Bengal Warriors match.

To sum it up, both these teams are looking for nothing lesser than a win in this match. So, getting the Telugu Titans vs Bengal Warriors result in their favour is what both teams will be battling out for.

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