Pride of Maharashtra - Puneri Paltan

With a Maratha spirit to battle it out in the Pro Kabaddi League, the Puneri Paltan team is the official team of Pune. The team has been part of the Pro Kabaddi league since the inception of the league in 2014. Since then, the Puneri Paltan team players have performed consistently and have garnered the respect of their opponents. With their unmatched grit and determination, this is one team to follow closely. The great Marathas of yore were famous for their strategic sneak attacks, and viewers get to witness a modern-day version of similar strategic attacks when watching the skilled 2018 Puneri Paltan team players at Pro Kabbadi matches.

Know All About Puneri Paltan

Masters of the Do or Die raids, the team has steadily moved up the leaderboard and with the current Puneri Paltan 2018 lineup, they seem to be headed for a promising finish. Here are some insights into what makes Puneri Paltan a team to watch out for in the Pro Kabbadi League.

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