UP Yoddha Vs Bengal Warriors - A Clash Between The Best

The Bengal Warriors have taken the rough road to be where they are today. With consecutive finishes in the lower half of the table, the team finished season five with an all-time best - third place on the leaderboard. The team has put in long and hard hours of identifying and fine-tuning their strategy and skills. This improvement showed vividly in season five as the team took on the giants of the sports and left the arena with a win and the respect of the audiences. The UP Yoddha team made their debut last year and ended season five with a respectable fifth place on the leaderboard. It is these factors that make watching a UP Yoddha Vs Bengal Warriors match a thrilling experience.

UP Yoddha vs Bengal Warriors - Quick stats you need to know

Bengal Warriors lead 2017 head-to-head against the UP Yoddhas and will be looking to maintain this streak. Both teams have made big changes to their lineups for season six and we delve into the discover the names that will make it to the highlights reel of the UP Yoddha vs Bengal Warriors match.

The Bengal Warriors team is built strong in all areas, the feisty raiders make for a good offence strategy and the strong defenders ensure points are not taken away easily. The UP Yoddhas, on the other hand, is a raiding unit that gets most of its points from raids but lacks the ability to put up a strong defence. Nevertheless, both teams will be working hard to improve their results and finish stronger than last year. So, don’t forget to catch the excitement of UP Yoddha vs Bengal Warriors live this season.

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