The Motivated and Ready UP Yoddha Team

Based out of Noida, the UP Yoddha team has made a lasting impact on the sport in their debut season by reaching the playoffs. The team is backed by a strong financial setup and an impressive team of trainers and coach. Based out of Uttar Pradesh, the five thousand capacity Babu Banarasi Das indoor stadium is their home turf. Currently led by Rishank Devadiga, the team will surely be looking to up the ante and do one better after their dream debut.

Quick Facts About UP Yoddhas

The UP Yoddha players 2018 jersey is coloured in red, blue, and yellow. Each colour symbolises a distinct trait to the warrior spirit. After falling short of tasting victory in their first season, this team is surely thirsty for the ultimate victory. Below are a few strong points of the UP Yoddha players in 2018.

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